"Frank Rumbauskas is a marketing genius. What he's done with AdWords is something almost no one else has done successfully, and yet when he explains it, it all seems so simple."

-Tom Beal, THESalesChampion.com

New York Times Best-Seller
Winner of 800-CEO-READ's 'Business Book Of The Year'

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New York Times best-selling author Frank Rumbauskas is a Google AdWords Qualified Individual holding Google's certifications in AdWords Fundamentals, Search Advertising, Display Advertising, and Reporting & Analysis. Frank is also a Google Analytics Qualified Individual and Google Certified Partner.

Win with Google AdWords. In AdWords Inside Secrets, learn Frank's strategies and knowledge that will take the mystery out of Google AdWords and Analytics and help you to become successful with AdWords!

What You'll Learn

  • How to quickly set up effective AdWords campaigns.
  • The #1 mistake the PPC "gurus" are telling you to do - and why it's dangerous!
  • How to know exactly what's working and what isn't, so you stop wasting money.
  • A simple technique to instantly explode your click-through rate!
  • Why the "Google Slap" doesn't apply to you - if you know what you're doing.
  • Why "Search Engine Optimization" is a scam that will cost you money.
  • Why most of what you've been taught about AdWords is flat-out wrong.
  • The hidden trap that causes most AdWords newcomers to fail.

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